LPG Conversion Kits

Price Of LPG Conversion Kits

Price Of LPG Conversion Kits

Due to the ever increasing amount of suppliers and knowledge surrounding LPG in the United Kingdom, prices for LPG conversion kits are on the decrease. In this guide, we will explore the current ‘average’ price of LPG conversion kits.


First of all it needs to be said that price of conversion is reliant on three factors. These are; car model, number of cylinders and labour costs. These all differ from supplier and installer; therefore, these prices are an average and should only be used as a rough guide.


Car Make: Peugeot 206 Gentry
Litre: 1.4
Cylinders: 4
MPG: 35
Average Mileage: 15,000
Cost of kit: £200-300
Cost of installation: £500+
Potential Savings per year: £900

Mid Range

Car Make: Jaguar S Type
Litre: 3.0
Cylinders: 6
MPG: 19
Average Mileage: 15,000
Cost of kit: £350+
Cost of proper installation: £600+
Potential Savings per year: £1800


Car Make: Audi R8
Litre: 4.2
Cylinders: 8
MPG: 14
Average Mileage: 15,000
Cost of kit: £500+
Cost of proper installation: £800-1000
Potential Savings per year: £2300

Remember, you should always look around in order to find both reputability and a great price on your LPG conversion.

Price Calculators

One of the most interesting points is the amount of money you can save when you make the conversion. The average car pays for its own conversion in about 12-15 months, but some pay it off before then.

There are plenty of price calculators available online which will be able to assist you with your decision. One of the better ones available can be found here; http://www.lpgconversionsltd.co.uk/saving-calculator.

All you need for this calculator is your MPG (miles per gallon), yearly millage, average cost of petrol and autogas (which can be found at www.petrolprices.com) and how much you will be paying for the conversion. If you have not yet discovered this figure then use £1000 as a base figure for a hatchback and £1500 for a 4x4 or van.

Gas Cookers

If you are converting your old gas cooker with an LPG conversion kit then you will be amazed at the actual price of the kit itself. Depending on the gas cooker and its year, on average, kits will usually cost about £40. However, some of the official kits retail for about £15-30.

Installation is also not as expensive as you may think on a gas cooker. The whole job will probably take about an hour, which means a qualified fitter can do it for under £60 in the majority of cases.

Once again, ensure that you find the cheapest qualified installer that also has a good amount of references. Your first question should always be; are you qualified to carry out an LPG conversion using the kit that you have? Only then should you worry about additional details like dates and price.

The best place you can start when it comes to Gas Cookers is the supplier of the cooker. They will know all the information in regard to conversion and will also offer you a quote as well.

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