LPG Conversion Kits

Cheap LPG Conversion Kit

Cheap LPG Conversion Kit

The way cars burn petrol is by no means cheap or environmentally friendly. LPG Conversion Kits have seemingly become the solution to the problem, but buying them and getting them installed is not cheap. Of course, if you can afford the initial expense then the eventual positives hugely outweigh it. In this guide, we will explore some of the Cheap LPG Conversion Kits on the market.

Rules of Purchase

If you are looking to buy cheap LPG kit, you should never buy one that has already been installed in another car, even if it has not been used. An item of this importance should not be second hand.

Where can they be found?

Most cheap LPG Conversion Kits come from either Asia or Eastern Europe where the technology is manufactured for a lower cost. There are plenty of foreign ‘wholesale’ sites offering cheap LPG conversion kits online.

If you buy from one of these companies you could save yourself hundreds of pounds but there are two problems, instillation and reliability. If you do want to buy a kit, and you have no mechanical background then you need to ask around to ensure that a foreign kit can be installed. Buying one before asking around could leave you out of pocket.

Never Underpay for Installation

If you do purchase a Cheap LPG Conversion Kit then you should not comprise the amount you pay for installation. The person that takes on this job should have all the nessessary qualifications and be industry recognised. This way you will probably receive at least a two year warranty, and you know that there will be no issues with safety. At the end of the day, a new tank is being installed into your car, and if there is a problem, or you are involved in an accident the last thing you want to worry about are issues with tank safety.

Staged Payments

The best thing you can do is find a trustworthy UK source to buy your LPG conversion kit from. Of course, you should always make phone calls and enquiries to find out which reputable supplier is the cheapest. If they are a ‘local business’ then you may even be able to get away with bartering the price slightly.

One thing that you can do is to look into stage payments. Payment plans are now much more common due to the current financial climate. They can really help you with your initial outlay. However, if you do ask for a staged payment and the company agrees then make sure you are not paying a huge amount of interest on top of the preliminary figure. Most companies should allow you to make stage payments without any interest whatsoever.


Obtaining a Cheap LPG Conversion Kit is common sense, but when you start to look abroad you are taking a risk. Therefore, the best thing you can do is put in a lot of effort into finding the cheapest retailer in the United Kingdom.

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