LPG Conversion Kits

LPG Conversion Kits

LPG Conversion Kits

Although the conversion to LPG can pay for itself over a period of a couple of years when fitted by a specialist, for many the initial outlay of paying a specialist to fit the LPG fuel system is simply too high. Motorists may not have the funds available to pay out such a large amount of money or may not feel that they can justify such a high price. For these individuals there is an alternative to the high prices demanded by specialist LPG conversion firms: LPG conversion kits.

Substantial cost savings

By purchasing LPG conversion kits rather than going to a specialist LPG conversion firm, motorists can save themselves a considerable amount of money.

On average LPG conversion kits cost around a quarter of the cost of having the system fitted by a specialist firm. This obviously offers a considerable saving and requires substantially less initial outlay. The use of such a kit places the conversion to LPG fuel within the grasp of many more motorists who would otherwise be unable to afford such a conversion. Moreover, by using a conversion kit motorists can complete the conversion process at home and at their own pace, placing a much greater degree of control with the motorist. By offering such a high cost saving and increasing the flexibility of installation LPG conversion kits are assisting many more motorists to begin saving with LPG fuel.

Additional costs

However, there are additional costs associated with the use of LPG conversion kits other than just the kit itself. These costs may not be immediately apparent, therefore it is worth giving them thorough thought and consideration. When converting a vehicle to accept LPG fuel a number of specialist tools are required to complete the conversion. For a garage this is not a problem as they will have all of the tools that are required anyway but the individual may only have a handful of the tools that are required, meaning that additional tooling has to be purchased. This can increase the cost to some degree but not exponentially. Moreover, many insurers require a certificate produced by the local garage to certify that the LPG system has been installed correctly and safely. Garages tend to charge for this service but again the additional cost is not prohibitive. These additional costs tend to add up and can add a substantial additional price tag to the cost of LPG conversion kits.

In balance however, the price of buying additional tooling and having the car certified for the benefit of the insurers is not likely to be prohibitively expensive. When considering that the use of LPG conversion kits can cost as little as quarter of the price of having such a system fitted by a specialist, the additional costs may seem somewhat insignificant. However, it is worth carefully considering all potential additional costs carefully. For example, some insurers may charge a slightly higher annual insurance premium for vehicles that have been fitted with LPG conversion kits.

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