LPG Conversion Kits

LPG Conversion Kits FAQ

LPG Conversion Kits FAQ

Lots of us know about LPG Conversion kits but how many of us know any sustainable information about them? In this guide, we will explore detailed information on LPG conversion kits.

Can any vehicle be converted?

There are only a handful of vehicles that cannot be converted to LPG. The main reason why a vehicle cannot be converted is its age; however, if your car was designed in the last 20 years the chances that it can be converted are high. Those which cannot be converted are usually listed on the Internet. This applies for all vehicles (cars, motorbikes, HGV, busses, tractors, scooters and the rest).

How many petrol stations sell autogas?

Currently there are around 2000 petrol stations that retail autogas; however, this figure is on the increase every day, and it will not be long until the majority of petrol station's stock autogas.

What is the benefit of having my car LPG converted?

There are plenty of benefits of converting your car to LPG:

  • Cost effective – Once you deduct the initial cost of the kit and instillation you will save money in the long run. LPG prices are roughly 40-50% cheaper than petrol; therefore, simple mathematics says you will save up to 50% every time you drive. Some insurers also offer reductions in price for ‘duel fuel’ cars. If it applies to you, another huge benefit is that the congestion charge is severely reduced for those cars operating on autogas. Last but not least the re-sale value on your car increases when you have a LPG conversion kit.
  • Environmentally Friendly – On top of all the financial benefits, using autogas emits 20% less CO2 than petrol. It is also 150% more competent than petrol when it comes to emitting pollutants and an amazing 2000% more efficient than diesel.

What if you run out of LPG?

If you run out of LPG then your engine will convert to consuming petrol/diesel. This means you essentially have a backup tank in place. Due to the amount of autogas stockists available it is always a good idea to have a spare £10-£20 worth of petrol/diesel in your engine to ensure you do not break down while looking for an autogas petrol station.

Will my safety be compromised?

Not even nearly, in fact, an LPG tank is safer than its counterpart. In the event of a collision, tests have proven this fact.

Are there any downsides to LPG conversion kits?

There are only a few downsides to using a LPG conversion kit on your vehicle:

  • There are a vast amount of petrol stations around the UK and only 2000 of them stock autogas.
  • There may be a slight adjustment to the way your car performs while using autogas, but many do not realise a difference at all.


As you can see from this short LPG Conversion Kits FAQ the benefits to obtaining a kit are vast, while the negatives are more about convenience rather than anything substantial.

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