LPG Conversion Kits

LPG Conversion Kits for Cookers

LPG Conversion Kits for Cookers

Many people believe that LPG Conversion Kits are only really used on vehicles, and this is far from the truth. LPG Conversion Kits can be used on almost any appliance that uses gas. Apart from cars, one of the leading forms of gas pollution comes from gas cookers. In this guide, we will explore LPG Conversion Kits for Cookers in more detail.

What is an LPG Conversion Kit?

LPG Conversion Kits can be installed to a variety of appliances that use gas to operate. These kits allow the appliance to use liquid petroleum gas instead of what we would consider ‘regular’ gas. This is beneficial because it is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly.


LPG cookers can either be obtained brand new (without the need for conversion) or often the more suitable way is to get a LPG Conversion Kit installed. This stops the need for buying a whole new cooker, especially if there is nothing wrong with your previous one. Buying a conversion kit is inexpensive, and you should be able to get the parts for under £40. The only other cost is the instillation which will probably cost you in the region £60.

When you are looking around to make these changes, the best place to start is the manufacturer of the cooker. It may not be worthwhile progressing with them because they are probably more expensive than other options, but they will know everything about the conversion.

Benefits to LPG Conversion Kits for Cookers

The main benefit in financial terms is that you will pay less for gas every year. Gas prices are on the rise, and many people have had to make serious cutbacks to ensure they can stay in their own home. Getting a conversion will allow you to start spending your hard earned money on ‘luxury’ items rather than necessities.

Other benefits include:

  • Environmentally Friendly – Major environmental groups are backing the use of LPG in appliances because it burns less CO2.
  • It adds to Selling Potential – If you come to sell your house then you may find that one of the swaying selling points is that you have previously converted the gas cooker to LPG.  It seems that this is the way that things are going; therefore, having this already in place is something you should mention to any prospective buyers.

The Way Forward?

All the major gas cooker suppliers now offer LPG cookers as an alternative to their ‘normal models’. It seems that we will see a ‘full’ conversion from ‘regular’ gas cookers to LPG models in the very near future. There is even a rumour that suggests that it will soon be a requirement, but if this is the case the government will need to fund the instillation of LPG kits.


Converting a ‘normal’ cooker to an LPG model is not difficult, and it is cost efficient. On top of this you will save money in the long run, especially if you use your cooker a lot.

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