LPG Conversion Kits

Petrol LPG Conversion Kits

Petrol LPG Conversion Kits

The most common form of vehicle conversion remains the petrol conversion simply because there are more petrol cars on the road than diesel. In this guide, we will explore petrol LPG conversion kits in more detail.

What does the Conversion mean?

A Petrol to LPG conversion is no different (in structure) than a Diesel conversion. When you decide to make the change a separate tank is installed in your vehicle. This means that you will have two individual fuelling areas, one for petrol (your regular fuel slot) and another installed somewhere convenient, which is used for autogas.

This will allow you to run your car on autogas, and if you run out, convert back to your regular petrol engine.

Benefits to LPG over Petrol

Using a petrol LPG conversion kit has plenty of benefits. One of the ‘lesser known’ advantages of LPG when compared to petrol is that it evaporates at a ‘normal’ temperature which makes it much safer in the event of an accident than petrol.

Few people know that LPG is much more environmentally friendly than both petrol and diesel. Testing has proven that LPG is 150% more efficient when it comes to emitting dangerous air pollutants. It is also much ‘greener’ than petrol. In fact, tests proved that roughly 20% less CO2 is burned per journey. Both factors mean that LPG is much more ‘friendly’.

Of course one of the biggest benefits is financial gain to a household. If you have a LPG conversion currently installed then you save about 60p per litre (if you use autogas rather than petrol). The government has a three year agreement in place (ending in 2012) that guarantees it will be 40p cheaper than petrol. This is an agreement which is expected to be extended, as the government has set itself large carbon emission reductions and one of the ways they could be met is through continued advertisement of LPG conversion kits.

Negatives to LPG over Petrol

Even though autogas has been retailed in the UK for many years it is still only available in 2,000 petrol stations. This figure is increasing rapidly, but in the view of many, not quickly enough. This means that obtaining autogas is much harder than petrol. Without a doubt, it will not be long until the amount of autogas stockists increases to what would be deemed a sufficient amount. If you have a conversion, your car is essentially ‘duel fuelled’; therefore, if you run out of autogas while looking for a petrol station, your car will revert back to the petrol engine anyway.

Furthermore, if you have a LPG conversion your vehicle performance will decrease. The percentage of decrease depends on the quality of the products that are used. If you do decide to get a LPG conversion kit installed, make sure you ask the mechanic how much it will affect your performance.  


Currently, petrol cars are what we would consider to be ‘normal’ vehicles; however, at the rate they are increasing it may not be long until cars using LPG are ‘the norm’.

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