LPG Conversion Kits

DIY LPG Conversion Kits

DIY LPG Conversion Kits

DIY LPG conversion kits are mostly linked to gas cookers. Many gas cookers now come with a DIY LPG conversion kit which allows you to alter everything yourself without too much fuss. In this guide, we will explore DIY LPG conversion kits.

Information from the Manufacturer

If you have decided to take this project on yourself then obtaining information from the manufacturer is crucial. All manufacturers will have all the information you need to know in regard to a DIY LPG conversion kit; therefore, it is well worth contacting them.  Some of this information can usually be

obtained for free; however, more detailed information may cost a small amount of money and have to be sent out to you. It depends on the model of the gas cooker; if you purchased it new in the last five years then you probably received a kit and some literature as well.

Getting hold of information from the manufacturer before proceeding is common sense because they know everything there is to know about the appliance.

Handheld Guide

The most important guide you can have is a step by step manufacturer’s guide on how to install a DIY LPG conversion kit. If you cannot get one of these then there are various ‘walk through’ guides on the Internet to view. However, the downside of these guides is that they cannot always be trusted. The person that is listing the video may have no qualifications.  Would you trust them with fitting your gas? The answer is probably not.

Get it Checked

If you carry out any work to your gas cooker, and you have followed a guide then you need to make sure that you get it checked over before even thinking about using it. Do not attempt to use it before everything has had the once over. You can even get the technician to issue you with a certificate. While this may cost you money, it is well worth it for safety reasons. Furthermore, many do not know that if you install your own LPG convertor then they may not be able to claim insurance in the event of any issue.

In Cars

If you do decide to get a DIY LPG car kit then ensure you follow all of the steps above. If you get an LPG kit then you should expect to receive the following bits:

  • Detailed instruction manual – to give you a step by step guide.
  • Tank, Tank Valve, Tank Frame
  • LPG filler (external) – so you can fill up without any issue.
  • Vaporiser
  • LPG Solenoid
  • Main flow adjuster
  • Petrol shut off valve
  • Hoses and wiring
  • LPG gauge – for dashboard measurements
  • All small parts – including bolts, nuts, clamps, clips and cable ties.


When you are installing anything by yourself, make sure you always use your common sense. Never go on gut feelings because this is not safe. Doing things yourself can save you money, but also come with a risk factor.

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