LPG Conversion Kits

LPG Conversion Kits for Cars

LPG Conversion Kits for Cars

The sales charts for LPG conversion kits for Cars are currently through the roof. Currently, there is a lot of hype surrounding conversion its benefits. In this guide, we will explore LPG conversion kits for Cars in more detail.

What is LPG?

LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas, which is also known as autogas. Autogas is an alternative fuel to petrol and diesel. LPG is formed during the fuel extraction process and is a by-product of distillation. Currently, the UK is selling a lot of autogas internationally, but now there is a lot of focus surrounding its use in the United Kingdom.

The Technology behind LPG Conversion Kits

LPG conversions can be performed on almost every single road legal car. The process involves installing a separate tank into either the spare wheel well or the boot.

When installed and fuelled correctly, LPG is sent to the tank in the same way that petrol or diesels are, through a pipeline. The gas is ‘transformed’ by a vaporiser so it is suitable to pump to the inlet manifold.

Once a kit has been successfully installed into your car it becomes ‘duel fuel’. This allows you to use both LPG and petrol/diesel (if required). This is handy because if you run out of LPG your car converts to petrol/diesel.


Buying a ‘proper’ LPG conversion kit for your car and having it correctly installed will probably cost you about £1000; however, this price varies depending on the car model and where you choose to get it installed.

When you take into account the amount you can save in the long run, some would say that making the conversion is one of the easiest choices you will ever make when it comes to your car.

Here is an example of the potential savings:

Miles to the Gallon – 25
Yearly Miles – 8000
Petrol Price – 135.79p based on the UK average
LPG price – 76.5p based on the UK average
Total cost of kit and instillation - £1000

This example would give you a potential saving of £800 a year, meaning that it would only take 15 months for your car to pay back the initial cost.

Benefits to LPG Conversion Kits for Cars

On top of savings, there are plenty of other benefits to obtaining a LPG conversion kit.

  • Environmentally Friendly – All green parties recognise that LPG converted cars emit fewer harmful emissions.
  • Congestion charge friendly – Many do not know that they have to pay much less toward the congestion charge if they run their car on autogas. This could save the right person thousands of pounds a year.
  • Resell Value – If you decide to sell your car, and you already have an LPG kit installed then its price increases.


As you can see from these points, the potential financial gain is more than rewarding. Also, if you are thinking about the environment and want to reduce your ‘footprint’ without the need for a expensive new car then there is only one option, buying a conversion kit for your car.

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