LPG Conversion Kits

Advice on LPG Conversion Kits

Advice on LPG Conversion Kits

Those in the know are trying to learn more and more about LPG Conversion kits. Here is a quick guide so that you can understand these LPG Conversion Kits in more detail.

Why LPG?

Almost every car in the United Kingdom can be converted from petrol or diesel to LPG (liquid petroleum gas). LPG is much better for the environment and could save you thousands of pounds potentially in the long run.


Where is the Tank Stored?

When you have an LPG conversion, your car becomes ‘duel fuel’. This means that you have the capacity to run either LPG alongside petrol/diesel. Where it is stored first depends on what space you have in your car and then depends on your needs.

The tank is most commonly stored in the spare wheel well or the boot of the car. When it comes to tank shape, there are two choices, circular of cylinder. Commonly, the instillation is carried out in the boot of the car with a circular tank because this is the most viable option.

How much can you expect to pay?

The price range of LPG Conversion Kits is variable. This is because there are plenty of diverse designs to ensure that they can fit different spec vehicles.

The price of a LPG Conversion Kit with instillation depends on the amount of cylinders your vehicle contains. This is a rough price guide based on the current market in the United Kingdom:

3-4 Cylinders –£900
6 Cylinders –£1100
8 Cylinders - £1300

Of course for the kit itself, prices are much cheaper, and you should be looking at:

3-4 Cylinders –£200+
6 Cylinders –£300+
8 Cylinders - £450+

Buy Cheap and Accept the Consequences

Your other option is to go abroad and buy from an Eastern European or Chinese manufacturer. If you decide to do this you have to remember the chances are that is the last you will see of that money. Of course, like anything, you could take a risk, and it may pay off, but when you take into account the risk factor it is probably not worth it.

If you buy internationally you can expect to pay about half price, but you also have to take into account shipping, which will probably set you back about £20-£30 and ease of installation on an international kit.

Variety of Stockists in the UK

Stockists of LPG conversion kits are appearing overnight. More and more stockist are ‘appearing’ in the United Kingdom because public knowledge about LPG conversions is on the increase, which means more people are looking to buy the products. Due to the increased amount of companies offering the same products, it is expected that prices for these kits will fall in the near future.


As long as you know all the points above and a couple of other things, there is really is not much else you need to know when it comes to LPG conversion kits. However, always remember instillation is tough, and should be carried out by a professional.

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