LPG Conversion Kits

LPG Conversion Kits

LPG Conversion Kits

Due to the ever increasing price of petrol and diesel, LPG Conversion Kits are being discussed more and more. In this guide, we will explore LPG Conversion Kits in more detail.

What is LPG?

LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas. This gas is made up of propane and butane and is a by-product of petrol distillation. You may have seen some petrol stations selling autogas. This is the commercial name for LPG.


Alternative Fuel

LPG is making significant headway to become the most convenient alternative energy source. Environmentally friendly groups have deemed LPG much ‘cleaner’ when compared to petrol and diesel and are actually promoting its use.

What is a Conversion Kit?

As you may have guessed, an LPG conversion kit can be fitted to almost any car or gas operated appliance. When a kit is fitted to your device it becomes ‘duel fuel operated’ which means you can still use the original way of fuelling or the alternative.

Benefits to LPG Conversion Kits

There are plenty of benefits to installing a LPG Conversion Kit. First, the amount of money you can save (in the long run) is colossal. On top of this, a properly installed conversion kit adds value to the appliance or car. This is because the demand for ‘greener’ products is increasing and people are prepared to pay more for money saving technology.

From a non financial point of view, getting an LPG Conversion Kit installed means that the appliance is much quieter, especially if you currently use diesel. In fact, studies have shown that using autogas instead of diesel means that it will operate 50% quieter than before.

Another vast benefit is that autogas is much more environmentally friendly than petrol/diesel.  Studies showed that using autogas meant that 20% less CO2 was burned than petrol and 2% less than diesel. Furthermore, and probably more impressively, autogas is about 150% more competent than petrol and a staggering 2000% more efficient than diesel when it comes to releasing air pollutants. Recently, the media have been making a lot of noise surrounding the number of deaths caused by unclean air, and it seems a solution may have been staring us right in the face.

Negatives to LPG Conversion Kits

More and more petrol stations are expanding to allow for the sale of autogas; however, now there are only roughly 2,000 stations that have this facility. This means that you may have to drive for miles to find one, which is not at all convenient.

Secondly, if there is anything that goes wrong with the kit then getting it repaired may be a problem. Currently, about 1 in 10 mechanics understand how to repair or maintain a product that has had an LPG conversion kit installed. Once again, this leads to problems with convenience.


LPG converted appliances and cars seem to be the way forward in terms of financial saving, aid to the environment and noise/air pollution. In my opinion, there needs to be more ‘noise’ made about their benefits in the media.

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